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Welcome to the Statistics Research Department at AT&T Labs!

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About Us: The Statistics Research group, composed of about 10 researchers, is part of AT&T Labs-Research. Our research targets the fundamentals of statistics and data mining as well as methodology for the real-world problems motivated by the massive data sets at AT&T. As a direct descendant of the Bell Labs Statistics group, we have a rich history going back to Walter Shewhart's invention of control charts and John Tukey's pioneering work in theoretical statistics and data analysis.

Most of the group is in Bedminster, NJ, but some members are based in New York and San Francisco.

People in Statistics Research

Meet the statisticians currently in our department, former visitors and department members, and close colleagues in machine learning, visualization, and other disciplines.


Our research covers a broad spectrum in theory, methodology, and computing in statistics and applied probability.

Employment opportunities

We currently have openings for permanent PhD employees. In addition, we have a summer intern program.

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