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Updated February, 2014

We're Hiring!!


AT&T is the largest telecommunications company in the world.   With over 100 million subscribers, the largest Wi-Fi network in the US, and millions of customers for our IP television and high speed internet services, we are a company that generates some of the largest data sets in the world. We want you to help analyze them!!


The Statistics Research department, part of AT&T Labs, develops new analytic methods for massive data sets to learn about our customers, understand our products, and improve our operations. We are a pioneer in big data technologies - leading our industry in developing novel methodology for fraud detection, customer profiling, statistical computing and visualization, and streaming data analysis. As a descendant of the famous AT&T Bell Labs we have a history of scientific research coupled with business applications.

We are looking for strong data scientists with a passion for digging into massive data sets and extracting knowledge through analysis and visualization.   We are looking for someone with a clear research agenda who is able to invent novel, publishable methodology that both advances the field of data science and addresses real-world, practical problems. We seek top candidates from all quantitative data fields, especially statistics and machine learning. 

The problems we work on cut across all aspects of AT&T's business: network management, customer analytics, operations research, and other aspects of business analytics. Our environment is strongly collaborative and we work closely with our world-class Research colleagues in machine learning, visualization, networking and computer science, and also hand in hand with business units outside of Research.

We are interested in expertise in all analytic areas of data science.  Some specific immediate needs we have include:

  • Spatiotemporal analysis of mobile data.  Our mobile network generates billions of records a day from handheld devices, each one providing a data point in time and space.   Understanding the dynamics of this data set through time series and spatial statistics help us to best serve our customers, improve our network, and develop new services.
  • Analysis of unstructured data.  We carry significant amounts of data that are not in standard form: text, video, speech, etc.  Developing models and tools to understand this data is important for our business.
  • Statistical computation and visualization.    New methods are required to apply statistical techniques on modern massively parallel architectures like Hadoop. We are developing high-performance statistical models and algorithms (mostly in R) for streaming and big data applications. Visualization is a key aspect to all of our analyses and we have very strong ties to the information visualization department.

To learn more about the problems we're interested in, see our Research Page.


We have junior and senior technical positions available, in Bedminster and New York City. All applicants should have a Ph.D. or equivalent in Statistics, Machine Learning, or other related  quantitative data science fields. Junior positions are appropriate for those with a fresh Ph.D, or with a few years of expertise. For a senior technical position, we require at least eight (8) years post-degree experience using real-world data sets to solve business problems.   The senior position also requires significant leadership qualities and experience, the ability to lead small teams, develop a technical vision and follow it through. Additionally, communication skills are crucial, specifically the ability to communicate with executives and non-technical partners.

A successful candidate for all positions will have the following skills:

  • Expertise managing, analyzing, and modelling large scale data sets through state of the art statistical and machine learning methods.
  • Ability to solve problems using data.  Understand data, do exploratory work, propose direction through modelling to answer important questions.
  • Drive to invent novel, publishable, methodology that both advances the field of data science and addresses a real-world, practical problem. 
  • Established research expertise and a clear research agenda, shown through publications and presentations at top tier conferences
  • Understanding and expertise with statistical software packages - (we primarily use R, but SAS, SQL, C++, Matlab, and others are also important)
  • Ability to manipulate large data sets using scripting tools such as Python or Perl.
  • Strong communication skills to present work to internal and external partners.
  • Working familiarity with large scale parallelized data architectures such as Hadoop.

To Apply:

Please carefully follow the Application Process posted under "How to Apply" on the AT&T Research Careers page.

A successful application will have a strong letter and research statement explaining why you think you are a good fit for the job listed above.  

Note: Only complete applications, with three letters of reference and a Research Statement, will be considered.