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Chris Volinsky

Assistant Vice President, Data Science and AI Research

Oversees the four departments under Data Science and AI Research: Database Research, Data Mining, Information Visualization, and Statistics Research. Data Science and AI Research focuses on large scale statistical analysis, visualization, and computation.

Research Interests: Modeling graph and network data, social networks, text mining; Bayesian methodology; Bayesian model averaging; baseball analysis (saber metrics).

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DeDe Paul

Director, Statistics Research

Statistics Research is one of the four departments under Data Science and AI Research. The department's research focuses on promoting technical approaches to solving business problems that represent a competitive advantage for AT&T, and lead to significant new technology and/or intellectual property.

Research Interests: Customer behavior and experience modeling; partnering with business leaders to improve the customer experience; social networks and modeling influence; text mining.

Members of the Statistics Research Department

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Cheryl Flynn Brooks

Research Interests: Text mining, data privatization, network modeling, model selection, and unsupervised learning methods.

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Emily Dodwell

Research Interests: Data quality and data integrity, statistical analysis, and customer experience modeling.

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Noemi Derzsy

Research Interests: Network analysis and modeling, complex social systems modeling, text mining, spatio-temporal mining.

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Wenling Hsu

Research Interests: Data mining, text mining, analytical computing and intelligent systems. Applications include solving real problems in various areas of telecommunication systems such as customer care, network planning, call traffic analysis, risk management, and strategic planning.

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Subho Majumdar

Research Interests: Statistical inference for large-scale consumer and network data, interpretability and fairness in machine learning, high-dimensional methods, data privacy.

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Zhengyi Zhou

Research Interests: Spatio-temporal mining, time series, Bayesian computation, and data mining.

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Ritwik Mitra

Research Interests: Large scale network data analysis, Anomaly detections, Robust techniques for heavy-tailed data, ensemble methods and high dimensional statistical inference.

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David Poole

Research Interests: Computer-intensive statistical procedures, capture-recapture methods, analysis of call detail for traffic engineering purposes, statistical use of simulation models, particularly population dynamics models for marine mammals.

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Simon Urbanek

Research Interests: Statistical computing, data visualization, interactive analysis of statistical forests (KLIMT); co-developer of iPlots; member of the R core development team.

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Simon Byers

Research Interests: Information security, statistical analysis, semi-structured data, media indexing, and network services.

Colleagues within AT&T Research

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Tamraparni Dasu

Research Interests: Nonparametric methods that are robust and easily implementable on large multivariate data; data streams; data quality: co-author of Exploratory Data Mining and Data Quality

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Colin Goodall

Research Interests: Signatures, models, visualization, and computational systems for telecommunications usage/fraud and for health care outcomes: real-time alerting and reporting. Statistical analysis of shape. Data mining. Robust and exploratory data analysis

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Jean-Francois Paiement

Research Interests: Large-scale distributed machine learning, heterogeneous learning, deep learning, and information retrieval. Applications include customer modeling, advertisement, network improvement, and customer service quality.

Alumni with Successful Careers in Our Department

Deepak Agarwal
Taylor Arnold
Suhrid Balakrishnan
Rick Becker
Robert Bell
Andreas Buja
Sumit Chopra
Corinna Cortes
Winnie Duan
Bill DuMouchel
Trevor Hastie
Yifan Hu
Yehuda Koren
Ji-Meng Loh
Colin Mallows
Daryl Pregibon
Vaidyanathan (Ram) Ramaswami
Kenny Shirley
Debby Swayne
Allan Wilks
Walter Willinger

Past Summer Students

Anushka AnandTableau Software
Milena BanjevicMerrill Lynch
Zach CoxCharles River Analytics
Amitabha GhoshApple
Alan Gous Cariden Technologies
Carrie GrimesGoogle
Felix GrezesCUNY
Chris HideyColumbia University
Giles HookerCornell
Valerie HydeIBM
Elena KhusainovaYale University
Rafal KustraUniversity of Toronto
Dongyu LinAT&T Labs
Tom MinkaMicrosoft
Piotr MirowskiGoogle
Jami Jackson MulgraveNC State University
Clayton NallStanford university
Jen Neville Purdue
Susan PaddockRAND
Cassandra PattanayakWellesley College
Gina Maria PomannNC State
Steven ScottGoogle
Jie ShenCapital One
Carson SievertIowa State University
Pei TaoYale University
Claudia TebaldiUniversity of British Columbia
Chun-Yu TsaiColumbia University
Eric VanceVirginia Technical Inst. and State Univ.
Julia WrobelColumbia University
Qiong WuCollege of William and Mary
Yihui XieRStudio
Juemin YangJohns Hopkins University
Congrui YiUniversity of Iowa
Jingjing ZouColumbia University